Tis Only The Subconscious

lift me out
I fell in a hole

Give me the ladder
what did you see?

Scarecrow carrying
a torch lead me

he said

tis only
the subconscious

that is messing with
my brain

he said ‘twould all be clear
and then
just to let it rain

I laid buckets
down in the dark

but the torch went out
and now I’m stuck

he woke me saying
he’s only ten

and might have damage
did the snow come in?

I don’t know
I’m stuck in the hole

with the Farm Scarecrow
and he’s taken my soul.

©Julie Proudfoot

One thought on “Tis Only The Subconscious

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  1. Will it suffice if I just said “I like it a lot?” It’s the kind of poem I’d been waiting to read for a long time. Thank you.


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