Passages of Writing: The Time We have Taken, Steven Carroll



Book: The Time We Have Taken by Steven Carroll. Fourth Estate 2007.


Why: I could quote thousands of passages from Steven Carroll’s books simply because his style is brilliant. But I love this one simply for the words ‘honeyed wedge’. It’s a sort of ‘wish I’d written that’ moment as when I read it I had been struggling to find the right words for the exact same scene myself. Honeyed wedge, damn it, wish I’d got there first.


Then he is on the footpath and the honeyed wedge of light in her doorway disappears. The road curves up the hill to the university grounds, and, as he walks up the footpath, he occasionally glances back, half expecting to see something or someone, but not sure who or what.

Steven Carroll. p 240.

2 thoughts on “Passages of Writing: The Time We have Taken, Steven Carroll

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  1. Oh man, I totally know the ‘wish I’d dreamed that up first’ moment you’re talking about. And I’m feeling it too, after reading that quote.


  2. So you write? if so, post them, I mean that would be nice. (I’m new here so I don’t know if you’d posted your writings here or somewhere else!).

    by the way, tnx for dropping by and all Likes, following and being there, cuz I am so shy about showing my stuff to ppl, and being here is really good for me to know if I have any chance in writing or not.

    It’s great to have you there and since you are an expert, I will absolutely love to receive your comments / criticism ( if you found anything worthy enough!)

    All the Best




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