Lychees or Peaches? with author Mary Pomfret: Mary and Andre The Giant, who knew?








1 Hard questions first: Lychees or Peaches?


Definitely peaches – just love them – I love their perfume too!


2 If you were written about in a newspaper, what would the headline say?


Oh dear … not sure…maybe “NOT GUILTY!!!” 


3  What is your favourite line from a book or movie?


Got to admit to loving Rocky movies – I love the line from famous scene where he talks to his son… “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up that matter. That’s how winning is done!” or words to that effect. Kind of appropriate for the writing profession. 


4 Which genre do you usually write in? And why do you think this is so?


Literary fiction – often tragedy, sometimes comedy – flip side of the same coin. I’m just a literary type of gal, I guess.


5 Tell me a secret about yourself that nobody in the whole world knows? Go on tell me, nobody but me is listening.


I have on occasions watched world championship wrestling.


6  Oh Mary, I can just see you now – sparring in your arm chair.  So far from your book topic! Tell us what your latest book is about?


A short story collection “Cleaning out the Closet” 


7 How did you come up with the title? Did it come to fistycuffs with your editor?


I came up with it all by myself – it’s kind of an empowering thing to do … getting rid of stuff! Not that I’m saying my short story collection is “stuff” … not really. 


8  When you daydream about singing on The Voice (I know you do) what song do you sing and if you could have any celebrity judge in the world turn for you who would it be?


I never daydream about singing on The Voice…some things are just not possible. But if by a miracle it did happen my judge would be Marcia Hynes and she would say “Good job!” and look incredibly sorry for me. 


9  What do you really, really, really, love?


What, not who? Well, I really love drinking a good champagne, as expensive as possible ( preferably paid for by someone else) on a warm summer evening, maybe with blue vein cheese, caviar and crackers.



10 Can you show us a quick snap of your work desk? No tidy spic and span ones please. I don’t believe you.


 My desk Mary

 Did you tidy your desk, Mary? I distinctly remember you saying something about coffee cups? 🙂


11 Serious stuff now: where can we purchase your latest book?


Cleaning out the Closet  is available from the author, contact 

 Dymock’s Bendigo or from the publisher


Thank you for taking part in Lychees or Peaches, Mary!


Mary can be found on Facebook at  Mary Pomfret  or on her blog here. 


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