Fantasy author Kylie Chan takes on Lychees or Peaches and promises she won’t sing to you!





Okay Kylie, hard questions first: Lychees or Peaches?


Of course lychees. The sound of the cicadas in summer is the mark of the beginning of the lychee season and I cannot wait for it. My Chinese mother-in-law used to soak them in salt water to make them more sweet: I find this completely unnecessary.


If you were written about in a newspaper, what would the headline say?




What is your favourite line from a book or movie?


Right now? ‘Hail Hydra’. It’s being memed all over the place and I’m loving it. A certain Prime Minister and Treasurer are having it added to their photos…


Which genre do you usually write in? And why do you think this is so?


Fantasy, because it isn’t fun unless there’s a strange supernatural angle to everything. Normal and everyday is so normal and everyday. And boring. Gods and demons, fate of the world, huge explosions – that’s the real fun stuff!


Tell me a secret about yourself that nobody in the whole world knows? Go on tell me, nobody but me is listening.


I don’t like sushimi. My children find me totally embarrassing when I won’t eat raw fish at the sushi place. I’ve tried many times to give it a chance (really) but there’s something about the texture that turns me off. Strangely enough I enjoy smoked salmon, which is similar. Weird, I know.


What was your latest book about?


This would be my latest release, ‘Demon Child’, which is hitting bookstores right now. It’s the penultimate volume of a very long (way too long) and epic storyline with Chinese gods and demons battling over the fate of the Earth and all humanity. After living in Hong Kong for ten years with my Chinese husband, I decided to do something completely different from the usual Tolkienesque storyline and went full-on Chinese martial arts. Fun!


How did you come up with the title? Did it come to fistycuffs with your editor?


You do know that I’m trained in martial arts, right? I love my editor far too much to do anything like that to her. The titles have been a source of exasperation for both me and Harper-Collins, as I really suck at creating them and they have to come up with something on my behalf. (The names of the first trilogy were originally One, Two, and Three.) Usually they call me asking for the title, I pick something out of the air, we have a short disagreement, I give them a few options, and they choose the least terrible or suggest something not-completely-terrible. It’s a structured, logical and well-thought-out process (who am I kidding).


When you daydream about singing on The Voice (I know you do) which song do you sing and if you could have any celebrity judge in the world turn for you who would it be?


You don’t know me at all! I would never inflict the weapon of mass destruction that is my singing voice on anyone, even my worst enemy. I’m pretty cruel but I’m not THAT cruel!


What do you really, really, really, love?


CHEESECAKE. And tech. Give me an advanced Android tablet in a waterside cafe with a long black coffee and a piece of New York baked cheesecake and I am in HEAVEN.


Can you show us a quick snap of your work desk? No tidy spic and span ones please. I won’t believe you.



The desktop wallpaper across my screens is a pic of the container terminal in Hong Kong at Stonecutter’s Island (google maps link here:). It looks like a futuristic sci-fi city, not like a real place at all. I used to drive across that bridge heading home from Hong Kong Island to Sha Tin after a long day helping people with their computer woes.

The space between the front of the desk and the notes minibinder is usually occupied by a large amount of Cat. I recently lost my dear Bigcat to lymphoma and just this week adopted a new kitty from the shelter, who is still settling in and yet to fully take up her role as desk ornament/writing muse so the work on book 9 ‘Black Jade’ isn’t progressing as well as could be hoped.


Serious stuff now: where can we purchase your latest book?


Everywhere! It should be everywhere. Here’s the link from the publisher’s website, with more links to all the places you can buy it online


Thank you for taking part in Lychees or Peaches Kylie!


Like to read more about Kylie Chan?


Twitter: @kyliecchan

Facebook page  







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