I finished my Australian Women Writers Challenge earlier this year, but I have a bunch of others on my to read list, and also on my have read list since then. Two are by authors that will be on the panel I’m chairing at Bendigo Writers Festival this year, (August 2014) two are by my fellow Seizure Viva La Novella winners, and two by Hologram Novella winners who were announced at the same event as the Seizure novella winners at The Emerging Writers festival this year (2014)


-The Incredible Here and Now, by Felicity Castagna

-The Whole of My World, by Nicole Hayes

The Loud Earth by Elisabeth Murray

The other Shore by Hoa Pham

Sideshow by Nicole Smith

No Limit by Holly Childs

-Fractured by Dawn Barker

-Burial Rites, by Hannah Kent