Quicky Writer’s Health For Back Pain & Mental Fatigue: Writer’s Diary 5

I’m sharing with you my fabulous, and quick – and when I say quick I mean minutes – daily remedies that work for me,  I hope they help you too.

These two simple things take a few minutes. For back health, four simple yoga exercises that are wonderful for back pain,and for mental fatigue an easy and quick meditation app.



(Photo credit: Jill Miller)


Lie on back with arms stretched out to the side

Raise right leg until pointing straight up

Move the raised leg left across the body & try to lower to the floor

Keep both shoulders on the floor

Turn your head to the right – hold for 5-20 secs then raise the leg again and lower back straight

Repeat with left leg.



(Photo credit: Yoga Basics)


Sit with right leg straight out in front of you, place the bottom of the left foot against the right thigh.

Slide your hands down your leg as far as you can, curling your spine, then grasp your leg where ever you are at, knee, calf, ankle – hold for a few seconds.

Repeat with other leg. Do both legs three times.



(Photo credit: Blue Osa)



Kneel on the floor

Stretch your right leg out to the right

Keep your left knee directly in line below your left hip and align your right heel with the left knee.

Place your right arm on your right leg

Bend your torso to the right, aiming to put your right ear on your right arm

Lift your left arm over your head, aiming to bring it down to the right and put palms of both hands together ( I did say aiming)

Keep facing forward, and hold it for a few seconds

Repeat on the other side



(Photo credit: Yoga Journal)


Stand, and cross your right ankle over your left. Place toes beside each other

Inhale, then as you bend forward, slowly exhale and bring fingers as close to floor as you can. Let your head hang

Exhale completely, relax abdomen, wait as the abdomen is voluntarily sucked upwards

Straighten and inhale

Repeat on other leg


… and for mental health/fatigue, to take you out of that deep writer-thinking-mode and relax your brain muscles, I use a meditation app on my phone that takes ten minutes.The app is the Head Space app which has the first ten sessions for free so you can try it out. I bought the whole thing and use it most days.

What do you do for writer’s health?





16 thoughts on “Quicky Writer’s Health For Back Pain & Mental Fatigue: Writer’s Diary 5

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  1. Interesting techniques Julie. I do a variation on the first two and some slow pivot with legs bent. The last two I think would cause me more problems rather than fix them.
    I have been looking into buying one of those desks which raise and lower so one can sit or stand. Have you considered that?


  2. I’ve begun having a lot of back problems recently. I’ve started using a standing desk, and alternating has really helped me (you have to build up your standing time slowly). And I’ve also brought in a yoga regime. Every hour and a half, I have a quick break from writing and do 10 minutes of yoga. I’ve found it not only helps my body, but I feel more motivated to get back to writing again. Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed it – and I’m going to try the crossed knee bend, as I haven’t done that one before 🙂

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  3. Fantastic exercises, now I just have to motivate myself to do them before my back hurts. One thing I have found is that posture makes a big difference in back aches. My wife, a retired physical therapist, is always on me for posture. The other thing is that I use an ergo metric chair when on the computer. Mine has a kneeling pad on which I rest most of my weight and a small pad against which I rest my buttocks. This puts my spine is good alignment and gives back muscles less work to do.

    Enjoy your winter. Here in the northern hemisphere we have highs in of 35 to 42 C. This is in spite of being at an altitude of 1500 meters. This is unusually hot for a June for us.


  4. Number 1… Thank you for posting about this!

    My back is messed up and have similar problems. It was interesting to see a few more exercises and stretches to do. Now, dont try to picture this being done by a big 425 lbs man sprawled out doing the.. There is just not a correct sized spoon or enough brain bleach to help you after that.

    I told you not to do that. 😱

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  5. I find a spot of knitting does much the same job as the meditation app – gives me a different way to use my brain, to recalibrate it and clear it for another go at the intensity of writing. Hope yours is going well.

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    1. Love it, Jane. I miss knitting and every winter think I’ll start something again, but I don’t. We’re getting a log fire put in tomorrow and I’m thinking a bit of knitting by the fire is in order 🙂


  6. Thx so much for that – much needed. I still think that writer Brenda Ueland’s advice that writers have to walk 5 miles a day is sound! Not just for physical health but to create that psychic space. I followed that regimen at one point myself back in Philadelphia – not so much in Maine. Used to walk about 1.2 miles a day a few years back. Maybe it is time to get back on that horse before the snow flies!

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