Seven excellent Snapchat tips for authors

Bloomberg recently declared that over 150 million people are using snapchat, daily. That’s more users than there are on twitter. So as an author, why wouldn’t you get on board?

But how can we as authors best use snapchat as a tool? Read my seven tips for snap- chatting authors at Book machine

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3 thoughts on “Seven excellent Snapchat tips for authors

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  1. Definitely a good way to promote your books, but it’s better to master three-five social media platforms so you can extract the best possible ROI from each of them. I find a lot of entrepreneurs have an abundance of social media platforms and don’t fully understand how to capitalize on each of them.


      1. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and my blog. Facebook advertising is good, but it doesn’t take much time to maintain a Facebook page. It’s just about posting a video or two once a week and a few short statements pertaining toward the books you’re promoting or even reading. The best businesses model master two-three social media platforms and run with it. That’s why you see a lot of brands using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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