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Julie Proudfoot is an author of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Her first published novel, The Neighbour, won the Seizure Viva La Novella Prize. Julie has appeared at Bendigo Writers Festival, Queenscliffe Literary Festival, Perth Writers Festival, and The Melbourne Emerging Writer’s Festival. She draws on her degrees in Psychology, Anthropology and Philosophy to inform her work. Julie writes from her home in Queensland, Australia.

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Books by Julie Proudfoot:

The Uncanny Valley Club (Psychological Drama)

When Henry King purchases a sex robot to treat a medical condition, it changes who he is, how he feels about himself and how he treats the women in his life. The Uncanny Valley club asks the question, can the way we relate to robots influence the way we treat each other? The Uncanny Valley Club treads the psychological path between human and robot relationships in a fast-paced psychological fiction novel by Julie Proudfoot, author of The Neighbour, and winner of the Seizure Viva La Novella Prize. Available in all bookstores & from all eBook platforms

The Neighbour. (Psychological Drama)

(Winner of Seizure Viva La Novella 2014)

Set in contemporary suburbia, The Neighbour is an astute psychological drama that offers a powerful and literary meditation on the nature of guilt and responsibility. When Luke is implicated in the tragic death of a child, he struggles to assert his innocence to those around him. While the accident invokes haunting memories of Luke’s late brother, who died when they were children, he strives to maintain a grip on reality as his relationships begin to unravel. Ebook found here. Paperback Found at Booktopia

Kickstart Your Novel

Welcome to Kickstart Your Novel. As an author and teacher of writing, I know that the desire and passion to write is sometimes not enough to get a novel written; the road from idea to manuscript can be confusing and daunting. Kickstart Your Novel is a grassroots, simple to access, concise guide to the tools I find the most useful for getting first drafts on the page. Available in paperback at, but not exclusive to, Booktopia Bookdepository and also as an Ebook.)

A Cold Gaze, Poetry from Julie Proudfoot. (Click for Ebook here )

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