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If you know me well, it’s no surprise to see a page dedicated to John Fluevog Shoes on my blog (*waving 🙂 to you all )  Fluevog is an iconic shoe brand that dates back to the seventies, and the shoes are simply works of art. The Fluevog Facebook group attached to this blog surrounds itself in the caring sharing of outfits, both daily dress-downs and glamorous get-ups, to go with the shoes, inspired by alphabetical prompts. Here, I post some of my favourite pictures of the shoes both vintage and new.


julie proudfoot; fluevog; munster; clique; john fluevog shoes
Munster, Clique
John Fluevog Shoes Investigator Enneagram
Enneagram, Investigator.
John Fluevog shoes Hopeful Holly
Hopeful, Holly


John Fluevog Shoes Prepare Compass Jaguar
Prepare, Compass.
John Fluevog Shoes Cubist Cupcake Julie Proudfoot
Swordfish, Cubist Cupcake.
John Fluevog Shoes Prepare Steady Julie Proudfoot
The Prepare, Steady.


John Fluevog Shoes Munster Clique Julie Proudfoot
Munster, Clique
The Buffy


detail (2)
80s Swordfish


Munster Beth


Minis Boo Boo