Reviews of The Neighbour

‘It’s an Ian McEwan style page-turner… we go with it because we know Luke is losing his hold on reality. He is not a sadist. He is a troubled man. We care about him – because Proudfoot makes sure we do.’ Read more at WhisperingGums Reviews

‘…sparsely written, but tightly controlled, psychological drama. Save up a whole night for this one, you won’t be able to put it down.Read more at Bendigo Weekly

‘… I do know that what I have just read is brilliantly written, psychologically precise and a nail biting read that will not quickly be forgotten…’ read more from Jessica Norrie

‘I read this as part of the Year 12 English course I teach… I was not disappointed.Although spaced out over the course of several weeks with the students, I myself read it over the term break in about a working week. Couldn’t put it down. Loved it. Thank you, Ms Proudfoot.’  read more from C Aric Hanley.

‘…trust me. A real whollop to the stomach. And the writing is rather good. Some nice little touches and clear character progression… read more from Rebecca.

‘…left me with the feeling that I had been thoroughly at the mercy of the author’s skill. … ‘read more at Adventures of a bookonaut by Sean Wright. 

‘I can tell you that you won’t be able to put the book down.  Julie draws on her background in psychology and sociology to render events with extraordinary authenticity…’read more at Anz Litlovers LitBlog by Lisa Hill.

‘As the story progressed, I kept on having to pause, to take a breath, as the narrative tension tightened…Proudfoot is to be congratulated, not only on her award, but also on the publication of a beautifully written and powerful story.’read more at devoted Eclectic by Elizabeth Lhuede.

‘…Julie Proudfoot, has done a wonderful job and I closed this book with satisfaction. What a graceful and beautifully written book. Congratulations Julie and on winning the 2014 Viva La Novella Prize..’.read more by Nadia King

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