Scenes in Colour from Chapter seven of The Uncanny Valley Club

Scottie convinces Henry to undertake psychological treatment at Scottie Fuennel Industries (her Cyborg Enhancement company) in exchange for treating his friend, Vince, with cyborg enhancements.

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Scottie tries to read between the lines of everything Henry has to say, but it seems Henry is being honest. ‘I’ll give you some advice, Henry. Some people have to help themselves before you can help them. It’s your friend’s choice. He shouldn’t be forced. If he wants to go through with it, I can help him—that’s easy—but I won’t let you anywhere near Fuennel Industries.’

‘I wouldn’t be too concerned, Scottie. If we wanted access to Fuennel Industries, it wouldn’t be hard. In fact, I’m sure we already have. I’m trying to be honest with you here. Listen, I can’t take him elsewhere; nobody will bother with his salty arse. I’m asking you to take the time to talk to my friend and explain to him what’s possible. Scottie, let me put it this way, what can I do for you to make this happen?’

‘There you go; that’s what I want to hear.’ Scottie raps a knuckle on the desk. ‘This is what I know about you, Henry: you have a problem, and I—’

‘No. I don’t have a problem.’

‘You sign up too, and have your problem examined, along with your friend, and we have a deal.’

Henry groans. ‘What do you want with me?’

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