I’m thinking ’bout my bunnies
I sent them to the vet

ten thirty it’s about this time
stretched out upon the bed

glistening scalpel, twitching feet
it’s all too much to bear

I’m sure they will be cross at me
when I bring them home to her

her their little Granny bunny
she’s too little for their humpin’

squash her pound her bite her still
she loves them though for somethin’

a woman’s life she’ll bear it all
for just a little lovin’

take it though it’s sure to kill
her one way or another

after four I’ll pick them up
my boys no longer men

me guilt ridden can I look
them in the eye again

in a golden bed of hay
will they remember when

they lived life as gangsters tall
Kings amongst their women

©Julie Proudfoot

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